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  • Every MEMBER is lovingly received!
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World Bible School Course Information

Lifeís questions can be answered in the Bible, the Book written by the author of all life. When you enroll in our World Bible School program, we will send you lessons that will help you come to know the Bible as never before and to assist you in seeing Godís revealed will for your life.


In a world of so much religious confusion and denominational division, Godís Word teaches that you can be a Christian only and the Lord Jesus Christ will add you to His church . . . not to the churches of men.


Jesus is indeed ďThe Way, the Truth, and the LifeĒ (John 14:6), and there is no access to the Heavenly Father except through Him (John 14:6).


The Red Boiling Springs Church of Christ has a large group of dedicated teachers ready to assist you in learning Godís Will.  Upon enrolling in our World Bible School program, you will have your own personal teacher assigned to you throughout your studies.  We will mail the lessons to you for your study.  After you complete the answer sheets and mail them back to us, your teacher will grade them and send them back to you along with the next series of lessons.  This will continue until all the lessons in the series have been completed.  A beautiful Certificate of Completion will be sent to you once you have completed the last series of lessons.  And remember, the lessons and materials are all free. 


Enroll today and your introductory lesson will quickly be on its way to you.  May God richly bless your decision to study His Word and obey His Will.


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