• Every SOUL is greatly loved!
  • Every VISITOR is truly appreciated!
  • Every MEMBER is lovingly received!
  • Every PAGE of the BIBLE is firmly believed!
  • All things are done decently and in order!
  • Every MEMBER is lovingly received!
  • 1 Corinthians 14:40




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The Red Boiling Springs congregation is a sound, faithful congregation of the Lordís church (Matthew 16:18). Located in a small community in Macon County and nestled among the rolling hills of northern middle Tennessee, not far from Nashville, our congregation enjoys being located in an area of incredible beauty. Briskly flowing creeks, wood-covered bridges, open pasture lands, dense forests, and lovely people all contribute to the many beauties of this area.

Spiritually overseen and led by faithful elders and diligently served by active deacons, the congregation is enjoying soundness, unity, spiritual and numerical growth. Among the programs currently being utilized are:

  • Active in the Lordís work in Nazareth, Israel, and the Galilee

  • Supporting Campaigns for Christ

  • website . . . Reaching around the world 24/7

  • World Bible School

  • Local Bible Correspondence Courses

  • Open Bible Study

  • Gospel Meetings

  • Special Summer Series

  • Sermons presented visually via PowerPoint

  • Bible Bowl

  • Active youth program

  • Training young men to preach and conduct worship services

  • Summer Bible Camp

  • Nursing home ministry

  • Benevolent outreach program

  • Hosting Annual Fall Singing

  • Wednesday morning Ladies Bible class

The congregation can be characterized as Biblically sound, faithful, friendly, evangelistic, benevolent, and determined to represent Christ wherever its influence reaches. We are committed to calling Bible things by Bible names and doing Bible things in Bible ways. It is our desire to teach the Gospel to as many people as who will allow us to and to lead as many precious souls to Christ as we can. Our prayer is for God to use us to His glory and to the accomplishing of His will to the very best of our talents, abilities, and His guidance. 


We would love to have you visit with us should your travels bring you to northern middle Tennessee.

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