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A great debt of gratitude is owed to the early ancestors of the faith who have gone before us and in so doing planted the Lordís work here. A faithful PAST has brought us to a faithful PRESENT. A faithful present will take us to a faithful FUTURE.

History is HIS-STORY. That is true everywhere, and it is very true in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, where the Red Boiling Springs Church of Christ constitutes one of many area congregations of the Lordís Church.

What is, not always was, and what wasnít, now is. While the exact date as to when the church began to meet in Red Boiling Springs is not known, begin it did, and continue it has through many, many decades. It is known, however, that Christians were meeting here in the early 1900ís. There was no meeting house for those early meetings, so brethren met in the homes of the members of the body of Christ. Time has noted that among the first Christians in Red Boiling Springs were Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Slate, Mr. & Mrs. Jim Bean, Mr. & Mrs. Rufus Clark, the Mack H. Jenkins family, Mr. John Baker, Mrs. Stella Meador, Mr. Bedford Wilson, and a few others known to the Holy Scribe of the Ages. A short time later the McClures and Hudsons were among families added to the Church by our Lord.

In time the early ancestors of the faith in Red Boiling Springs began meeting in a log house owned by Bug Knight. The log house was known as the ďBug HouseĒ and was located across the road from the Donoho Hotel. Shortly before 1910, bro. T. B. Larimore, a gospel preacher and a leader in the Restoration Movement came to Red Boiling Springs and held a gospel meeting in Cloydís Chapel. The first meeting house was erected soon thereafter in 1910. The lumber used to build the meeting place came from John Clark McClureís lumber mill located at Rose Hill. Some years later it was remodeled and bricked. The present auditorium was constructed in 1963 at which time the older building was converted for classroom use.

The congregation has endeavored to be faithful to the Lordís organizational plan for His church by having appointed faithful men to serve as elders and industrious deacons. While some remain, scores have passed on to be with the Lord. Presently the congregation is overseen by two elders, brethren Bob Cowan and Tony Russell. Three deacons currently work to see to the daily needs of the congregation. They are David Burton, Jeff Roark, and Del Watson. Over the years a number of preachers have worked with the congregation here. Donnie S. Barnes currently serves as the congregationís minister.

The faithfulness of the congregation to teach and uphold Godís eternal truths can be seen in the roll call of those who have been invited to preach in gospel meetings in Red Boiling Springs. Among them are:


  • T. B. Larimore

  • Gus Nichols

  • H. Leo Boles

  • Jim Bill McInteer

  • N. B. Hardeman

  • J. B. Gaither

  • F. B. Srygley

  • Jack McElroy

  • T. J. Martin

  • John Holland

What a roll call of Godís great servants! Red Boiling Springs has been so blessed to sit at the feet of such men.

So many lovely brethren have given of themselves to begin, guide, defend, and further the Lordís Church in Red Boiling Springs. Their every effort is known to Him who knows ours as well. The future looks bright for the work here. The Open Bible Study program, World Bible School, and marvelous vision for the future, coupled with the faithful legacy of the past, combine to insure that when the Lord returns to deliver up the kingdom to His Father (1 Corinthians 15:24), a congregation at Red Boiling Springs will be present among that number. 


Onward . . . Christian soldiers!

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