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Bible Charts CD



Dear Friends of BibleCharts.org:

Greetings in the name of our gracious Heavenly Father! As you know, all of the materials on the biblecharts.org website are free for your use to the glory of God. With that being true, why offer this Bible Charts CD for purchase? This CD offer has come after much prayer and careful deliberation in response to requests from many people in a number of states and countries asking that these materials be put on a CD for use in Bible studies, Bible classes, worship services, etc., for use away from an internet connection . . . more flexibility in how they can make use of the materials. As individuals have told me of the advantages that it would serve in their efforts to spread God’s Word, I have agreed to do so. However, in making this decision, I wanted to be able to make the CD content much larger than what we are able to post on biblecharts.org. It is my goal that the CD will have the flexibility and advantage of having the latest materials I have been able to produce up to the time of each order. Presently, the CD has over 4,000 titles and sections of materials including over 3,600 Bible Charts.

Currently, the main content areas of the CD are:
• Bible Charts
• Bible History
• Bible Lands Notes
• Book of Acts (Outlined)
• Book of Genesis (Outlined)
• Book of Revelation (Outlined)
• Books of the Bible (Outlined)
• CD Indexes - Approximately 150 pages
• Divided Kingdom Kings
• Illustrations
• Information for Leading a Soul to Christ
• Invitations
• Miscellaneous Materials (Including Church Humor)
• Paul – A Hebrew of Hebrews - Revised Book
• Sermons
• Survey of Bible Books
• Teachers and Teaching
• The Ten Plagues of Egypt
• Sentence Sermons
• A Note from Donnie S. Barnes

By way of suggestion, the CD Indexes can be printed out and put into a notebook as a reference guide of all that is on the CD. The CD can be downloaded onto the hard drive of your desktop or laptop computer. VERY IMPORTANT: Make a backup copy of the Bible Charts CD. CDs sometimes stop working. Therefore have backup copies available. You may want to load the CD onto your hard drive, also. Either way, make a backup copy.

The ideas for many of these materials have come from numerous sources through the years. Since they were being prepared for my own personal use, sources were not always written down. I regret that credit cannot be given for each idea contained in these materials. I will try to do better in future preparations. Nonetheless, the true credit belongs to God and it is to Him that we give it. I do not deserve, nor do I desire, credit for the materials I am able to produce. In using any of the materials, give God the recognition and glory.

We do ask that the CD not be reproduced without written permission from me. I can be reached at donniesbarnes@yahoo.com. Should you feel the need to make a request for such permission, be sure to give a full explanation as to why you are making the request and how the copy or copies will be used. Should permission be granted, under no circumstances can the copy or copies be sold!

It is our desire that proceeds from the sale of the CD will, in part, enable the Barnes family to strengthen their work for the Lord in the Galilee region of Israel.

If God grants me time and health, I will continue to produce Bible materials that can be used to help further God’s Word among men for the teaching of Biblical truth and for the saving of souls.

To that end I would appreciate your prayers.

In His Service,
Dr. Donnie S. Barnes