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A Snake, A Captain, A Blind Man and Baptism
A Study of James 2
A Successful Gospel Meeting
A Tale of Two Kings
And the Books Were Opened
Are the Ten Commandments Binding Today?
Are We Cakes Not Turned?
Are You a Member of the Church You Can Read About in the Bible?
Becoming as Little Children

Becoming Acquainted with Your Bible
Four Spiritual Reasons for Studying the Bible
Geography Then and Now Our Misunderstood Bible
The Bible is the Word of God

Building Up the Church through Strong Church Families
Challenges of the New Year
Christ – Our Passover Lamb

An Introduction to the Eldership
The Nature of the Eldership
The Authority of Elders
Organization of the Lord’s Church
The Church as Seen by the Old Testament Prophets
The Establishment of the Church
The First Members of the Church
What an Eldership Owes the Congregation
What is Meant by the New Testament Church?
What is the Church
What the Congregation owes the Elders
Why Study About the Church

Contemporary Lessons from the Book of Judges
Crippled by a Fall
Crossing Barriers in Winning Souls to Christ
David’s Four Lambs
Dorcas, a Woman of Influence
Dual Citizenship
Eleven Reasons why People Do Not Respond to the Lord’s Invitation

The Christian and Mental Health – An Introduction
Man is an Emotional Being
The Bible and Emotions
The Mind and Emotions
Self-Discipline and Emotions
Overcoming Fear
Overcoming Guilt
Overcoming Anger
Overcoming Stress
Overcoming Depression
Low Self-Esteem

Essential Attitudes for Spiritual Growth
Establishing a World Bible School Program in Your Home Congregation

How, When, and Where Do We Obey the Gospel?
The Gospel
There's a Great Day Coming
Why Are We So Lost?

Take Goliath Down
Tough Promises
Blind Intersections
Desperate Days
Slump Guns

Faith is the Victory - An Introduction
Faith is the Victory – In Overcoming Sin
Faithful Christian Service
Father’s Day
Five Things Jesus Left the Church
Five Views from the Cross
For by Grace . . .
Fresh Oil
Gambling and the Lottery
Give Me This Mountain
God's Message for this Mess Age
God’s Plan for Man’s Salvation
God's Word for Your Family

For by Grace
You Have Been Saved
Through Faith
And that Not of Yourselves
It is the Gift of God
Not of Works

Has the Old Testament Law Ended?
He Went a Little Farther
How Can I Feel God's Presence
How to Know that You Are Saved
How to Live Through a Crisis
How Will You Meet the King?
IF - The Little Big Word
Illegal “Citizens”
In A Far Country
In Christ
In the Days of Your Youth
Is Hell Real?
Is the Young Man Absalom Safe?
I've Failed; How Can I Start Over?
Jehovah Was Sore Displeased With Our Fathers
Jesus - The Crucified King
Jesus Can Give You a New Life
Jesus the Priest-King
Know Who You Are . . . The People of God
Let Us Rise Up and Build
Looking Unto Jesus
May the Model Prayer Model Us
Misguided Zeal – Cults
Mothers . . . On Their Special Day
New Year - A Tale of Two Sisters
Nots in the Devil's Tale
Numbers Surrounding the Crucifixion and the Lord's Supper
One Another Verses of the Bible
One More Night with the Frogs
Opening Iron Gates
Overcoming Un-forgiveness . . . There is A Time to Heal

Defining the Kingdom of Heaven
Introduction to the Parables
Review Thoughts
Parable of the Ambitious Guest and the Great Supper
Parable of the Dragnet
Parable of the Hidden Treasure
Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard
Parable of the Leaven
Parable of the Mustard Seed
Parable of the Pearl of Great Price
Parable of the Sower
Parable of the Two Sons
Parable of the Wheat and the Tares
Parable of the Wicked Vinedressers

Paradoxes of the Cross
Parenting with Purpose
Planning for Him
Precious Mothers

Are You Dissatisfied with Your Religion
Can You Recommend Your Religion By the Way it Works for You
Can You Recommend Your Religion By the Way You Live
Can You Recommend Your Religion By the Way You Support it
Can You Recommend Your Religion in Light of the Scripture
Do You Need to Change Your Religion

Remembering Our Freedom
Returning to Egypt
Scientific Foreknowledge in the Bible
Sins of Good People in the Church
Sins of the Tongue
Six Questions in Life for Young People
Solomon – The Wisest King
Some Great Bible Questions
Some Things God Does Not Know
Surprise! You’ve Been Chosen and Look at You Now
The Birth of Jesus Christ
The Blood of Christ
The Boy Jesus
The Consequences of Pre-millennialism
The Empty Tomb
The Faith of Noah
The Feeding of the 5,000
The Foundation of Thanksgiving
The Four R’s of True Religion
The Fruit of the Spirit
The Giant that Slew David
The Golden Text of the Bible
The Good Samaritan
The Gospel
The Greatness of a Humble Heart
The Importance of Faith
The Importance of One
The Influence of the Home on the Church of Tomorrow
The “Insignificant” Surrounding the Birth of Christ
The Jewish War and the Destruction of Jerusalem
The Lost Bible
The Lost Christ
The Man in Charge of Crucifying Christ
The Mistakes of Naaman
The Nails of the Cross
The Need for Involvement
The Parent/Child Relationship
The Problem of Communication as a Threat to the Home
The Rapture
The Rich Fool
The Role of the Church in Today’s Society
The Role of Women in the Church
The Second Coming of Christ
The Sermon on the Mount
The Tabernacle
The Table is Set
The Tears of Our Lord
The Tragedy of Lost Potential
The Woman Who Touched Jesus’ Garment
There Were Other Little Boats
There’s a Great Day Coming
Things in Hell Needed in the Church
This is a Day of Good News
This Treasure in Earthen Vessels
Three Homes We All Should Have
To the Work of Our Gospel Meeting
Twelve Methods Used By Change Agents to Change the Church
Two Lost Sons
Walking By Faith, and Not By Sight
Walking in Kindness
What Can You Do to Build Up the Church in . . . ?
What Good Things Can We do with the Tongue?
What is Hell Really Like?
What is Jesus Like?
What is Satan’s Greatest Lie?
What is the Church of Christ?
What Jairus’ Daughter Saw in Her Father
What Kind of Servant are You?
What was Great About David’s Great Sin?
Where are the Dead?
Who is Jesus Christ?
Why Are We So Lost?
Why Do Christians Have Problems
Why Was Heaven So Happy?
Wise men Sought Jesus – Wise Men Still Do
Working as a Team
Working with God
World Bible School . . . Let’s Go to Work!
World Vision for Christ

Why and How Should We Prepare for Worship?
Why Do We Give Financially in Worship?
Why Do We Not Use Instrumental Music in Worship?
Why Do We Partake of the Lord’s Supper in Worship?
Why Do We Pray in Worship?
Why Do We Preach and Teach in Worship?
Why Do We Sing in Worship?

You Have Been Saved